Jaataka Pro 1.25

Source:Dileep Bapat

Jaataka Pro is Indian Vedic horoscope app

Jaataka Pro is a vedic astrology (jyotish) application for casting KP Horary number chart and horoscope, supports south & north indian chart styles.

features :
* Prashna chart and Birth Chart.
* Astakavarga, Divisional charts and different house division systems.
* Supports south & north indian chart.
* Vimshottari dasa upto antar-antar-antar
* ruling planets and significators (Krishnamoorty paddati).
* Save and load charts or cast current chart with Now option.
* Future Updates.
* feature requests.

Report bugs http://code.google.com/p/vedic/issues/list

* application focuses on calculation not prediction.
* If you find any issue either create an issue on above site or mail me with specifics.

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OS:Android 1.0 and up

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